#BrandLove: Dead Wax Social, Brighton

Vinyl nerds are taking over the planet, it’s a well know fact, we know especially well because we are some. So what could possibly be more awesome than combining vinyl with, wait for it … pizza and beer! 


Is your awesome radar completely off the charts yet? Well it gets better, at Dead Wax Social in Brighton, you can take your own vinyl in and get them played too … whilst eating pizza and drinking better than average beer. 


To make this awesome place even awesomer (yes, that’s a word!) the decor is RAD. Neon lights, antiques and graffiti and art made from records, it kinda looks like how our office should look. So yes, they tick all the boxes and won’t cost you a fortune for a night out either. Plenty of events to get you involved too: music quizzes, record sales and more, you definitely need to check the place out.


Anyone else found awesome ways of making your business interactive? It’s a great way to get people talking! 

Events Manager, Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media @Kitschinc. Punk Rock Shows as @PSDead. Co-Creator of @WeAreFoodScouts. Songs for @LarkhillUK.

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