British Beauty Blogger

“I love having KITSCH.inc onboard with BBB as trustworthy backup. They're currently looking after my Pinterest Boards freeing up valuable time for me. Everything I've ever asked Jayne and Miz to do has been done on time and to perfection in a professional manner. Instinct plays a big part in creative on-line work: Jayne tapped right into what I needed with barely any explanation from me and took the initiative to completely revitalize my boards and as a result KITSCH is now keeping them up to date on an on-going basis. I'm delighted and would recommend them in a heartbeat”-

-Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger

Eloquence Beauty

“KITSCH.inc have been a dream to work with. From the very beginning we have had constant support, inspiration and ideas. Jayne and Miz have come up with new innovative concepts and nothing is ever too much for them. It’s a great comfort to have them supporting our mission, like an extension to our team and not only will they deliver but they are not shy to question your ideas to create even better results."

-Jenny, Eloquence Beauty

Jubilee Belles

"From our first meeting KITSCH.inc has been instrumental in increasing our online visibility.  They are flexible, efficient and always quick to adapt digital support that will suit your needs best.  But what we love most is that they really care about delivering results!"

-Claire Farrell, Jubilee Belles