Food Scouts Launches Hand Finished 5-Panel Hats

If you didn’t know already, one of our creative side projects is Food Scouts, an alternative apparel brand inspired by food & drink. We started the brand in June 2017 with a minimal budget so that we can could learn how to screen-print and put some of our creative skills to good use towards something of our own creation. We design and create everything and create all the photoshoots ourselves too. We started out just creating one colour screenprinted t-shirt designs, which we print to order but we’ve loads of other ideas up our sleeves.

The latest product launch came about after a revisiting of embroidery as a way to distract hands in down time, sewing beats pointless scrolling, trust us! With a little bit of tinkering, we have launched hand finished 5 panel hats each customised with an embroidered to order logo. Our first batch include a pizza design and an avocado. Go check them out, we ship worldwide! We’ll be releasing more photos from our photoshoot very soon, so be sure to follow @wearefoodscouts if you dig what we’re doing. We’re also interested in anyone who might like to collaborate with us on something Food Scouts related, so get in touch if you like the sound of that.

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