Gadgets for Travellers: Finding the Right Travel Power Adapter for You

You’ve just landed in a brand new city after a 14 hour flight, you use your phone to get directions to the hotel and as you’re walking in through reception it dies, no fear, you are here. You get up to your room and go to charge your phone only to find that the travel adapter you bought in the previous country doesn’t actually fit these sockets, you then realise your laptop & camera battery also need charging but there’s only one plug socket in the hotel room. Hopefully you’ve got a power bank with you ( … you don’t? Have a read of our previous blog post) and can take a break before heading out to waste precious exploration time on finding a travel adapter, not fun. If you’re not on a time frame you might not be too worried, if you’re a digital nomad you might be about to tear your hair out and if you’re a couple you can just times the stress; and cost to find a solution; by two.

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Trust me, it’s better to be prepared than to be stressed out in a new place, paying extortionate prices for necessary items that could cost you a fraction of the price if bought before travelling. With that in mind, here are three travel adapters that should work in most countries and also double up as a power strip, plug in all your devices and voila, no more arguing with your loved ones about who’s turn it is to charge their phone or laptop.

Bez Worldwide Travel AdapterIdeal for the solo travel – £20

If you don’t suffer from gadget addiction and only have a few things that need charging, then this little thing may just be perfect for you. It works in over 150 countries, allows you to power up one plug and two USB devices simultaneously and comes in a cool little case, which is ideal for backpackers who will be throwing it in their bags. The only thing to watch out for is that it does not have a voltage converter, so it’s worth checking that your device is compatible with the local power supply, especially if you’re from the States.   

BESTEK 200wIdeal for couple/groups/digital nomads – £39.99

Need more power? Travelling with a partner? Just like having ridiculous looking gadgets? This absolute gem isn’t something you want to be carrying around in your coat pocket or day bag, but if you have a hell of a lot of gadgets or are going with a group, it could save everyone a bit of hassle and money, in fact, it’s absolutely ideal for bands who travel around in the back of a van quite a bit and considering the fact that it has 2 plug sockets and 3 USB sockets, it’s still pretty damn tiny. Not only can you plug into over 150 countries, but with it’s useful attachments you can also plug in appliances from those countries, which can be super useful for backpackers and digital nomads. It also offers short circuit protection, so no more worrying about explosions. Plus, it’s got a carry case, so I’m sold.

LENCENT USB Charger If you only need USB plugs – £12.99

Don’t take a laptop on your trips? Just need phones charging, maybe a tablet? Then you can save some space and money with this beauty. As with the others it will work in over 150 countries, it will also recognise the type of device you’ve plugged in and provide optimised charging, plus it will stop charging when the device is full of power, or in case of overheating/short circuit. Charge up to four devices at once and leave your hotel room that little bit faster.

Preparation can make your trip run that much smoother and the right gadgets can not only help, but also save you time, space and money in the long run. Got another travel adapter you would suggest us trying out? Get in touch!

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