Larkhill take the collective on the road with Brightr & H_ngm_n this February

When Larkhill’s lead singer & lyricist Misael Trujillo left Brexit Island for sunny Spain in the summer, many couldn’t see a future for Larkhill, could they maintain a functioning band spread across so many places? Seven months on and after taking the collective route, the band are creating more than ever whilst becoming total pros at travelling between UK and Spain on a budget.

Since landing in Barcelona, Larkhill have recorded a new collective EP with Bob Cooper (producing and playing some lead guitar) over in Spain. It features Bob Barrett (Great Cynics) on drums, original member Lee O’Connor on bass and Misael Trujillo on rythm guitar and vocals. There’s also a whole host of awesome guest vocals, details of which we’re keeping under wraps for now.

To further prove their unwillingness to stop, Larkhill hit the road this Feb with a brand new shiny collective line up that is not to be missed; and pals Brightr & H_ngm_n joining in on the fun. This tour will also be showcasing tracks off the upcoming collective EP if you want to get a taste of what’s to come.

All of the bands will also be collecting donations for refugees at Calais, supported by Sam Dabb of Newport’s Le Pub who organises with her team monthly trips to the camps to help distribute donations & do what they can to help first hand.  More details of this will be on the band’s Facebook page nearer the time.

The February tour sees original members Misael Trujillo (flying in from Barcelona) & Lee O’Connor (bass and backing vocals from London) join forces with some truly amazing musicians; the energetic Harry Gibbs (ex-Harker) on drums; the lovely Chris Childs on lead guitar and beautiful backing vocals (of H_ngm_n and Sugar Free Brighton promoter fame) and Southampton based promoter and long-term band friend Alex McCudden (Pura Vida Promotions) joining on rhythm guitar.

February’s tour will also see front man Misael Trujillo leave his guitar at home for the first time ever to focus entirely on vocals and a punk’n’roll stage presence that marks the start of a new direction for the collective’s sound. Expect influences from The Smith Street Band, Against Me! and Elvis Presley.

Larkhill, Brightr & H_ngm_n

22nd Feb – Brighton, The Quadrant (all acoustic show)

23rd Feb – Plymouth, The Junction

24th Feb – Newport, Le Pub

25th Feb – London, Old Blue Last

26th Feb – Southampton, The Alex

Catch ‘em on the South Coast on this leg of their tour and head to @LarkhillUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with these nice punks and Misael’s random thoughts.

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