Introducing Food Scouts…

Yes, we’ve been quiet. But for a bloody good reason. We’ve been working hard on a new personal project created by, let us introduce you to Food Scouts. A new food, drink and geek inspired lifestyle brand which currently includes hand screen-printed merchandise, a blog and YouTube channel documenting craft beer reviews, Barcelona based events and restaurant reviews. We’re combining our 10+ years of marketing and content creation experience with big brands, agencies and our own projects with our learnings from working with DIY bands & creatives to generate something that will appeal to a diverse audience. We’re catering for people looking for something with brains, personality, a sense of humour and a healthy touch of punk rock. Through being ourselves and staying true to our often nerdy passions whilst developing the Food Scouts brand, we’re pulling inspiration from alternative fashion, music, films, cartoons, TV shows, comic books, video games and of course cooking and craft beer! You can read the official Food Scouts blurb on our newly launched Patreon channel.

We’ve been watching “F*CK THAT’S DELICIOUS” this morning, not only the ultimate inspiration, but @bambambaklava also says he’d be up for learning to dance and doing a show in Spain, we’re waiting for him in #Barcelona with the best food and cava possible! On another delicious note, our “Catsu Kurry” T-Shirts are on SALE over at our site and limited to 75 in this colour way (link in bio). Everything is hand printed. We ship worldwide. Thanks to @gabirielmusic for modelling <3 Beautiful mural by @keithharingofficial #Curry #katsu #katsucurry #geeklife #geekchic #geekgirl #geekfashion #foodie #foodporn #foodlife #altfashion #alternativechef #keithharing #cutefashion #kawaii #kawaiicat #kawaiigirl #macba #indiefashion #harajuku #altgirl #redhair #grungefashion #indiestyle #punkgirl #graffiti #etsy #etsyuk #incolourfulcompany

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We don’t want to give everything away at once, as we like surprises, but we have some big ideas and some quirky stuff in the pipelines, so we hope you’ll give us a follow on social media at @wearefoodscouts, check out the website and let us know what you think. If you do some serious browsing you might find some hints of what is coming up next.

If you’re digging what we’re doing, we’re looking for collaborators and contributors of all types, so drop us a line to discuss how we might work together. Currently, everything you see was created by just Misael & I: photography, editing, writing, design, screen-printing, order packing, social media, PR and more, so if you’re looking for a IRL, live portfolio of what we can do, here’s a perfect chance to see what can be done with little to no budget. We’ll also be continuing to offer our usual menu of services and have an updated portfolio available to view if you’d like to know more about our experience and discuss the possibility of working together, get in touch.

Jayne & Misael

Co-Creator @wearefoodscouts & @KitschInc. Digital Marketing & Creative Direction. Illustration, writing, creativity & style. Fan of films, TV, cartoons, colourful hair & clean beauty. Blogger since 2009.

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