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The infamous Hunter S Thompson once wrote, “Music has always been a matter of Energy to me, a question of Fuel. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.”

That quote has sprung to my mind a handful of time whilst listening to bands who emit a wave of emotion or”energy” and send it hurling towards their audience, leaving them almost mesmerized. It’s a state I associate with listening to “The Killing Moon” by Echo & The Bunny Men, “TDAGARIM” by Brand New, “XX” by The XX or “Life on Mars” by the recently deceased hero David Bowie. By this I mean it’s something dictated not by genre; but; by the way the artists are able to evoke a certain feeling in their listeners.

All the above thoughts came rushing to my mind the first time I caught the Bristolian band Fairview live for the first time, however, it was at an all day festival in Southampton and I was feeling rather “wavy” as I believe the kids put it, so I enjoyed the wave of Euphoria that they emitted, blamed it on the substances I had been so willing to digest, gave them a like on Facebook and other than seeing them pop-up on the odd lineup here and there; put them out of my mind for the next year or so.

When Fairview first emailed us late last year, the wave of euphoria I had felt whilst watching this super tight four piece live was literally the furthest thing from my mind, instead; I was concerned with how late I had left getting my girlfriends Christmas presents and with how far I’d got on Fallout 4, which to be honest means I was coping pretty well under the circumstances, I mean everyone knows Christmas sends sensible grown men running home to their mummies; and yet a few seconds into the link that these grunge infused indie-rockers had attached, Jonny Depp’s very best Hunter S Thompson impersonation came throttling full speed into mind, along with a very precise recollection of exactly how good this band had made me feel at So Punk Fest a year earlier.

Fairview has been the soundtrack to my Christmas, to my recent trip to Barcelona and currently to my daily routine. We can’t wait to share what these incredibly talented musicians have in store for you.

I caught up with Josh and asked him some questions about what the band are up to:

Your music seems to almost transcend a specific genre and instead focus on transmitting an emotion or feeling through it’s “energy”. What would you say was your inspiration for the upcoming singles and is there something you hope people walk away with from them?

“With our new music we feel we’ve reached a point where we understand each others thoughts in the music we play, writing and playing the new songs has been a wonderful experience. I agree that music is an energy and it’s something we like to explore.
Nothing beats performing our songs to a room full of people who just get the vibe. My hope is that when people listen to our new songs, no matter what situation they are in when they hear them, they can connect to what we are playing.”

The U.K. is currently bustling with great acts, both big and small, however, they often fall under smaller, individual niche scenes. Is there a specific scene you see yourselves as belonging to, or specific bands in it who particularly stand out to you? and who would you ideally see yourselves touring with?

“We have played a lot of shows in the UK alternative scene and we kind of tagged along with that but we don’t want to just throw ourselves into a particular genre.
That’s what I’m most happy about at the moment. Like I mentioned, we subconsciously understand each other when we play now and so we don’t try to write to a genre, instead just write songs that are Fairview.

We recently played with JAWS and Nai Harvest and what those bands are doing right now is really quite cool.

If I had to pick one band to tour with I would definitely pick The Cure. They have such a great sound.”

What would you like the next 12 months to hold in store for you guys and is there anything your fans can look forward to?

“In the next 12 months we would really just like to play more and more live concerts and meet more people,
I always love meeting fans at our shows and it’s lovely to talk to so many different people. We’ve already started writing material for another record which is very exciting, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Catch Fairview at a show very soon:

  • 26 | 01 | 2016 The Louisiana, Bristol Dilly Dally + Tigercub + Fairview
  • 31 | 01 | 2016 Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton Holy Pinto + Fairview + Mortgage
  • 04 | 02 | 2016 The Bunker, Cardiff Fairview + Support
  • 07 | 02 | 2016 The Alexandra, Southampton Holy Pinto + Fairview + Support

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Article by Misael Trujillo

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