As some of you already know, Misael and I have been working on something a little bit different recently. The Influx Trust #Connect2Effect Global Hackathon happened last weekend and we were on board wrangling live social media coverage for five different continents in real time. We achieved 3 million impressions […]

What happens next for #Connect2Effect’s Global Hackathon?

We all get inspired by different things at different moments in our lives, but there is no doubt that there are always certain people who stick in your mind along the way, for me, Helena is one of these people. When I lived in Leeds, I was very lucky to […]

Introduction to Witchery with Helena of Candy Candy…

Misael and I are very excited to announce our latest client, Influx Trust and their #Connect2Effect Global Hackathon. We’ll be supporting with global social media and digital PR for this innovative cause that aims to give change-makers the tools they need to take their ideas to market. In addition to […] Unite with Influx Trust on #Connect2Effect Global Hackathon

When Larkhill’s lead singer & lyricist Misael Trujillo left Brexit Island for sunny Spain in the summer, many couldn’t see a future for Larkhill, could they maintain a functioning band spread across so many places? Seven months on and after taking the collective route, the band are creating more than […]

Larkhill take the collective on the road with Brightr & ...

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2017 AWESOME, so many exciting projects in the pipelines for Miz and I and we can’t wait to tell you more about them. In the meantime, let’s share the love and collaborate, it’s the best way to work right? We want to work with kick […]

Refer & Earn with…

Whilst we’re used to securing digital press and blog coverage for our clients, it’s not very often that we have some spare time to create some content purely for ourselves. So, it was an absolute delight to be asked to speak to social media industry news site, WeRSM. Head to […]

12 Questions with on WeRSM